RM offers a wide variety of services for both private and commercial yachts including registration, purchase and sales contracts, operating permits, credit requests, crew requests, crew licences, ship mortgages, and international structures in a range of jurisdictions.

RM provides ship registrations in:

British Virgin Islands flagTHE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS

  • Ships registered in the BVI fly the Red Ensign Flag and are entitled to the support of the British Consular and High Commission, and Royal Naval protection
  • Ownership registration is permitted to citizens of and Companies registered in the British Virgin Islands, The United Kingdom and all British Territories
  • Worldwide recognition for Certificates of British Registry
  • Full corporate and legal services as well as Registered Agents readily in the BVI
  • Political stability in the British Virgin Islands
  • Attractive registration and annual maintenance fees
  • Registered ships may be used to secure ship mortgages, including provisions for discharge of ship mortgages

Panama flagPANAMA

  • Panama has regained its leadership in the field of Ship Registration and is currently the open registry with the largest number of registered vessels and tonnage
  • The success of Panama as a "flag of convenience" centre is due mainly to the good image of the territory as a politically and economically stable country and its other numerous advantages
  • Vessels of any age may be registered under the Panamanian flag and be owned by a corporation or any kind of legal entity of any jurisdiction
  • All vessels over 20 years of age shall be subject to an initial inspection in order to be accepted in Panama and an annual inspection to determine if they comply with the safety regulations in force

Seychelles flagSEYCHELLES

  • 100% foreign ownership of ship via the Seychelles company is allowed
  • When registering a second ship within 12 months of the first registration, owners of ships are entitled to a rebate of 30% on the Government registration fee
  • Parallel registration is possible under the Merchant Shipping Act when leasing a boat and can be flagged by both registries
  • Seychelles is member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the group of non-aligned countries, the Indian Ocean Commission, and the International Maritime Organization, and ships flying the Seychelles flag get friendly treatment worldwide

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