Traditional company searches only reflect information held at Companies House and provide very limited information about a company when there are many other important sources of information in the UK such as the County Courts, High Courts, Companies Court, London and Edinburgh Gazette, etc. Unlike other agencies, aRMadillo includes these sources in reports.



aRMadillo's leading product, The Full Legal Search Report, includes and goes beyond UK's Companies House data to provide a thorough multi-sourced report containing information from following sources:

  • UK Companies House (CH)
  • The Companies Court to verify the existence eventual winding up petition
  • County Courts for any judgments
  • Credit rating showing the company's financial strength
  • High Courts for any writs
  • Financial extracts indicating the company's trading performance
  • London & Edinbourgh Gazette for any adverse data
  • Protect - an anti-fraud module designed to alert you to potential problems

The aRMadillo Full Legal Search is composed of 3 levels of data:

1. A formatted report:

  • General company data (name, registration number, registered office address, etc.)
  • Trading address (if available)
  • Telephone number (if available)
  • SIC codes extended to US SIC codes
  • Full directors' details
  • Share capital and shareholders' details
  • Details of holding company
  • List of subsidiaries
  • Latest financial extracts
  • Payment profiles
  • Outstanding mortgages
  • Name change history
  • Directors database search revealing other current and past directorships
  • Recent document filing history
  • Credit limit
  • Scorecheck - a unique rating system
  • Protect - anti-fraud report
  • Vital signs showing year on year financial changes
  • County Court judgment search on the company
  • High Court Writ search on the company
  • London & Edinburgh Gazette search on the company
  • Copy of basic company details screen from CH
  • Full document filing history printout

2. Companies Court Search Report:
We contact the Companies Court to check for any winding up petitions and prepare a report based on the result.

3. Companies House Documents:

  • Copy of document 117 and a certificate to commence business as a PLC
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Copies of all changes of name
  • Memorandum and articles of association and subsequent resolutions
  • Latest annual return and any amendments
  • Latest accounts if requested
  • Copy of the electronic mortgage register
  • Any liquidator/receiver information

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