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RegTech Innovation Specialist in Risk Compliance FinTech application Anti-Fraud Solutions
Governance Specialists KYC & AML Solutions Bringing Compliance Products to SMEs

In a compliance world – Armadillo shields your business

Launched in 1997, aRMadillo was the first online company data system fully committed to web delivery in the world.

20 years of innovation on the web – We always deliver

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International company documents

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Company credit & fraud check

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International credit report

Credit Reports on over 250 million companies from over 220 countries worldwide ...more

  • Companies House Documents
  • Companies House
  • Company Accounts documents
  • Due Diligence DD
  • KYC Know Your Customer
  • AML Anti Money Laundering
  • copies of accounts
  • Annual returns reports
  • Copies of annual returns
  • original company documents
  • Modified accounts
  • UK PLC Public Limited companies
  • UK Limited Companies
  • Instant documents
  • Mortgages and charges
  • Stock exchange
  • Financial accounts UK
  • Public Listings
  • Audit exempt small full accounts
  • Audit exempt abbreviated accounts
  • Change of accounting reference date
  • Dormant company accounts
  • Change of situation or address of registered office
  • Directors Appointments
  • Directors details
  • Directors addresses
  • Date of birth of directors
  • Company Secretary and Company secretary appointments
  • Return of allotment of shares
  • Notice of change of name by resolution & Special Resolution
  • Particulars of a charge
  • Statement of satisfaction in full or in part of a charge
  • Change of accounting reference date
  • Striking off application by a company
  • Withdrawal of striking off application by a company
  • Statement of satisfaction in full or in part of a charge
  • Return of allotment of shares
  • Terminating appointment as Director
  • Terminating appointment as Secretary
  • Change of particulars for Director
  • Change of particulars for Secretary
  • Notification of single alternative inspection location (SAIL)
  • Company Registration Office
  • Company identification
  • Company identifier
  • Registration numberCredit rating
  • Analyst reports
  • Ratio
  • Adverse documents
  • Adverse company documents
  • Download documents
  • Nature of business
  • Activities
  • Business activities
  • Company activities
  • Credit scores
  • Debentures
  • Mortgage register
  • Mortgagee
  • Outstanding mortgages
  • Registered mortgages
  • Live companies
  • Struck off
  • Financial audit
  • Accounting reference date
  • Auditors
  • Bankers names
  • Financial health check
  • County cout judgements
  • CCJ
  • CCJ’s
  • Immediate holding company
  • Ultimate holding company
  • Subsidiary companies
  • subsidiaries
  • Associate companies
  • Information download
  • Documents available
  • Company information
  • Uk llp
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Right to manage company
  • Right to manage companies
  • RTM
  • Flat management
  • Flat management companies
  • Readymade companies
  • Shelf companies
  • Off the shelf companies
  • Aged companies
  • Vintage companies
  • Offshore
  • Public interest company
  • Community interest company
  • Disqualified directors
  • Directors particulars
  • Directors change in particulars
  • Name check
  • Company name check
  • Supporting documentation
  • Liquidator appointed
  • Liquidator resigned
  • Receiver appointed receiver ceased to act
  • Companies act 2016
  • Companies act (years)
  • Limited by guarantee
  • Share capital
  • Issued capital
  • Issued share capital
  • Dissolved  dissolution
  • Beneficial owners
  • Ultimate beneficial owner
  • Jurisdiction
  • Irish companies
  • Irish company
  • Scottish company documents
  • Scottish limited partnerships
  • Scottish LP’s
  • Northern Ireland companies
  • Northern Ireland company
  • Eire company
  • Southern Ireland
  • Industrial and provident
  • Friendly society
  • Notary
  • Notarised
  • Notarised documents certified
  • Apostille
  • Fco
  • Foreign and commonwealth office
  • Certificate of incumbency
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Change of name
  • Certificate of good standing
  • COGS
  • Document status
  • Extraordinary resolution
  • Special resolution
  • Ordinary shares
  • Pref shares
  • Preferred shares
  • Preference shares
  • Share classes
  • Issued share capital
  • What about all the forms  288, 287, 88(2)  etc
  • Names of directors
  • Identity of directors
  • Company directors
  • Beneficial owners
  • Beneficiaries
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss account
  • Turnover
  • Profit
  • Profit/loss account
  • Source of funds
  • Net worth
  • Net assets
  • Current assets
  • Fixed assets
  • Net current asset
  • Current liabilities
  • Net current liabilities
  • Ebitda????
  • Consolidated accounts
  • Group accounts
  • Consolidated balance sheet
  • Consolidated profit and loss account
  • find company
  • open company
  • free search company details

The most comprehensive, focused website and online company information database for business in the U.K and internationally. World leaders in company information and company formation.
Credit check your customers, order company documents and detailed business and credit reports instantly online. Anti money laundering information, documents online & in hard copy. Incorporate your company & register your trademark..

ARMADILLO is a RegTech as well as a FinTech aggregator, giving access to the most comprehensive corporate and personal data and documents in the World.

350 million companies: 270 million companies in 220 Countries online + 80 million companies not on databases; approximately 10 billion company documents available worldwide. Perfect for Compliance, Know Your Customer KYC, Due Diligence DD, Anti Money Laundering AML & Credit Checking

20 years of innovation on the Web

Check out your clients or suppliers and accelerate onboarding

Worldwide Company Reports - Free to search, Online Reports from under $10 (GBP £7.50) for USA & Europe, Information on shareholders, directors & company financials, Statutory audited accounts, Company Registry documents, original company documents, Get certificate of incorporation, certificate of good standing or legalised documents, Includes full UK Companies House Documents online, Certified, legalised or apostilled Documents

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The Industries we serve

Lawyers, Financial Institutions, Auditors, Accountants, Insurance Companies, Security Services, Police Forces, Regulated Financial Services, Real Estate, Embassies, Trusts, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Data Aggregators, Capital Market Exchange – Stock Exchange, Commodity Brokers.

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We always deliver

Other Services

Compliance, Enhanced compliance, Compliance assistance, PEP's & Sanctions check, Enhanced Due Diligence, Checks on Individuals and Bankruptcy Data, Commercial Intelligence and Financial Crime Prevention Unit, Litigation and Risk analysis, Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) Reports (check on Investors or Investment), Reports and Document translation services.

Reports in English & charged in GBP

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ARMADILLO est une RegTech, mais aussi une FinTech agrégateur, donnant accès aux documents d’entreprises et personnel les plus complets du monde.

350 millions d’entreprise : 270 millions d’entreprises dans 220 pays en ligne + 80 millions d’entreprise qui ne sont pas en base de données ; Environ 10 milliards de documents d’entreprise disponible à l’échelle mondiale. Connaître son client (KYC), Devoir de diligence (DD), Lutte contre le blanchiment d’argent (AML), Capacité de remboursement d’un client.

20 ans d’innovation dans le web

Vérifier vos clients ou fournisseurs et accélérer sa mise en relation.

Rapport d’entreprise mondiale – Recherche gratuite Rapport en ligne pour moins de 10 $ (GBP 7.50£) pour les États-Unis & l’Europe. Information sur les actionnaires, directeurs, états financiers de l’entreprise. Compte légal vérifié Document d’enregistrement de société, documents d’entreprise originale. Obtenez un certificat de constitution, certificat de bonne réputation, ou la légalisation des actes – comprenant les documents complets des maisons mères d’entreprise Britanniques Documents, certifiés, légalisés ou apostillés.

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Les différents établissements avec qui nous collaborons

Avocats, Institutions financières, Auditeurs, Comptables, Compagnies d’assurances, Service de sécurités, Forces de police, Services de régulation financière, Agences immobilières, Ambassades, société fiduciaire, marché de la crypto-monnaie, Agrégateurs de données, Marché financiers - Bourse, Courtiers.

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Nous fournissons toujours un rapport

Autres services

Conformités, Conformités accrues, Aide à la conformité, Personnes politiquement exposés (PEPS) & contrôles des sanctions, vigilance renforcée. Vérification d’individus et donnés sur le taux de faillites, Renseignement commerciaux et Unité de prévention contre le crime financier. Litige et analyse du risque, Rapport d’un Conseiller attitré (NOMAD) (vérification des investisseurs ou des investissements), Service de traduction de Rapports et Document

Rapport en anglais & prélèvement en GBP

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ARMADILLO è un aggregatore RegTech e FinTech, che consente di accedere ai dati e ai documenti aziendali e personali più completi al mondo.

350 milioni di aziende: 270 milioni di aziende in 220 Paesi online + 80 milioni di aziende non su database; circa 10 miliardi di documenti aziendali disponibili in tutto il mondo. Perfetto per Compliance, Conosci il tuo Cliente KYC, DD Due Diligence, Anti riciclaggio di denaro AML e controllo del credito

20 anni di innovazione sul web

Controlla i tuoi clienti o fornitori e accelera l'onboarding

Report su aziende in tutto il mondo: Ricerca Gratis, report online a meno di $ 10 (GBP £ 7.50) per USA e Europa Informazioni su azionisti, amministratori e società finanziarie Bilanci con revisione legale Documenti dai Registri delle imprese, documenti aziendali originali Atti Costitutivi, certificati di Good Standing e documenti legalizzati Documenti online dal Registro delle Imprese Britannico Documenti certificati, legalizzati o apostillati

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Le industrie che serviamo

Avvocati, Istituzioni finanziarie, Revisori contabili, Commercialisti, Compagnie assicurative, Servizi di sicurezza, Forze di polizia, Servizi finanziari regolamentati, Settore Immobiliare, Ambasciate, Trust, Scambio di criptovalute, Aggregatori di dati, Mercato dei capitali - Borsa, Commodity Brokers.

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Sempre Affidabili

Altri Servizi

Conformita’ Normativa, Compliance Regolamentare e Compliance Potenziata, Assistenza Compliance, PPE e controllo sanzioni, potenziamento della Due Diligence, Controlli su dati personali e bancari, Intelligence Aziendale e Unità di prevenzione della criminalità finanziaria, Contenzioso e analisi dei rischi, Report Nominated Adviser (NOMAD) (controllo su investitori o investimenti), Servizi di traduzione di documenti

I report sono in lingua Inglese e in sterline britanniche GBP

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Armadillo jest firmą RegTech, jak również agregatorem danych FinTech, umożliwiającym dostęp do obszernych bazy informacji o firmach jak i osobach oraz dokumentów z całego świata.

350 milionów firm: 270 milionów firm w 220 krajach dostępne online + 80 milionów firm nie umieszczonych w bazie danych; około 10 bilionów dokumentów firmowy dostępnych z całego świata. Idealne do weryfikacji informacji, procedury „Poznaj swojego klienta” KYC, weryfikacji i sprawdzenia dokumentów (DD Due Diligence), zapobiegania praniu brudnych pieniędzy (AML) oraz sprawdzenia zdolności kredytowej

20 lat innowacyjności w sieci

Sprawdź swojego klienta lub dostawcę i przyśpiesz podjęcie decyzji.

Raporty firm z całego świata – szukaj za darmo, raporty online od $10 (GBP £7.50) z USA i Europy. Informacje o udziałowcach, dyrektorach oraz finanse przedsiębiorstw. Ustawowo audytowane księgi rachunkowe. Dokumenty rejestracyjne przedsiębiorstwa, orginalne dokumenty firmowe. Uzyskaj potwierdzenie rejestracji firmy, zaświadczenie o dobrym stanie firmy lub zalegalizowane dokumenty. Zawiera wszystkie dokumenty online z UK Companies House Poświadczone, zalegalizowane lub z klauzulą Apostille

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Obsługiwane branże

Prawnicy, Instytucje Finansowe, Audytorzy, Biura rachunkowe, Doradzcy podatkowi, Firmy ubezpieczeniowe, Firmy ochrony, Policja, Rejstrowane Instytucje Finansowe, Agencje nieruchomości oraz deweloperzy, Ambasady, Giełdy kryptowalut, Firmy przetważające informacje, Firmy rynku kapitałowego, Brokerzy.

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Zawsze dostarczamy

Pozostałe usługi:

Weryfikacja informacji, poszeżona weryfikacja informacji, Pomoc przy weryfikacji informacji, kontrola osób PEPS (osób na Politycznie Eksponowanym stanowisku) oraz z nałożonymi sankcjami, Rozszeżona weryfikacja dokumentów, Sprawdzenia bankructw firm oraz osób, Wywiad gospodarczy oraz jednostka zapobieganiu przestępstwom gospodarczym, Postępowania sądowe oraz analiza ryzyka, Raport o brokerach giełdowych (NOMAD) Tłumaczenia dokumentów i raportów.

Raporty w języku angielskim i płatne w funtach brytyjskich.

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