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International Company Documents

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Credit & Fraud Check

Provides a detailed assessment of company's financial status.

Online Company Credit Report

We provide fully analysed reports on all UK Live Limited Companies (2.5 million company reports) and over 3.2 million UK sole traders and Partnerships or Non-Limited businesses.

Brand Protection & Advice

We will assist you with every step of the trade mark registration process.

Protect your brand!

From the luxurious to the ordinary there is now a global network of illegitimate traders willing to copy or alter genuine products for their own profits' sake. Given the ease with which these illegitimate products can be bought and sold, it is important that brand owners take preventative action and PROTECT their brand.

International Credit Reports

Credit Reports on over 200 Million companies from over 220 countries around the world.

Online access to Credit Reports

It is a fact that many firms go out of business within their formative years and in some cases the cause of this statistic is related to poor credit management and bad debts. In eagerness to secure that lucrative contract we often overlook the most basic principle of business: can the customers pay our bill and will they pay it on time?

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